Lighting up your home: Lighting Design Considerations


Bathroom Lighting: – Bathroom lighting needs to be practical and not sensitive to moisture. Good lighting should also help the use of a mirror in the space. It is important however to make sure that mirrors lighting is positioned in a way

Bedroom Lighting:  Ideally bedroom lighting should be warm, soft and inviting. Typically lighting fixtures used in bedrooms are simple and non-extravagant.  Dimmers are a good idea in bedrooms.

Kitchen Lighting: Brighter task lighting is a must have in any kitchen. This means that lighting needs to be brighter to help visibility and safety. There are many options to light kitchens effectively including overhead bench top lighting.

Living Room Lighting:  There is a great amount of freedom with lighting up your lounge room. Not only can you choose signature lighting fixtures, lighting in this space should be warm, flexible and most importantly – inviting. A central light overhead can provide a good place to start, and a dimmer will allow you to control the ambience of the room.

Hallway and Foyer Lighting: Gentle lighting is the norm for hallways where entrance foyers can be slightly brighter. Since hallways are generally darker areas of the home referred light from adjoining rooms will provide extra light if doors are open. Foyer lights make a first impression to the home so creating a welcoming environment with the lighting is an important consideration here. If you have any stairs in your home light switches should be installed at each end of the stair case for extra safety.

How many lights do I need?

This will obviously depend on your design choices and your budget. Extra lighting can be implemented above mirrors, cabinets, and other areas of the home but the main consideration is the size of the room. Open plan areas will need multiple lights down lights, whereas most bedrooms one overhead light will be sufficient.

What are my options for mood lighting?

Wall sconces are a great modern option for mood lighting in the home, and work well adjacent to a front door as a porch or patio light. Accent lighting is also a great solution for highlighting artwork or other ornamental pieces in the home. When it comes to creating mood and ambience, dimmer switches are an ideal option to control the brightness output. They also have a range of efficiency benefits including saving energy, and increasing the life of the light globes.

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