Electricity Lessons: 9 Electrical Safety Rules

Follow these precautions to keep yourself safe:

1. Always switch off the light before you change a light bulb. If you can’t turn off the light by a switch, then unplug the light from the wall.

2. Before you unplug any appliance make sure you turn off the power at the power point.

3. Ensure your dryer’s filter is lint free with every load. Lint is flammable and the immense heat can lead to a fire.

4. When a power extension cord becomes damaged or frayed, discard it.  If you see the insulation wearing off of an extension cord, you can get electrical shock.

Beware of water

5. Its common sense; water and electricity don’t mix. Water is conductor of electricity.  So you must always take the proper precautions when using electrical items near water.

6. If you have wet hands you should never use an electrical appliance or a light switch.

7. Always remember to unplug hair dryers or hair straighteners after you use the appliance. Most importantly store the portable electrical appliances out of reach from children.

8. Never place a portable heater in your bathroom.  Hire an electrician to install a heater in the bathroom.

Electrical Repairs

9. For your own safety never try to do your own electrical repairs; rather hire a licensed electrician to undertake any minor electrical repairs.  When the electrical job is completed ensure the electrician issues you a compliance certificate.  A compliance certificate is legal certificate stating that work that is carried out follows with Australian regulations.

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