Warning over faulty imported electrical cabling

The infinity cable, imported from China and sold primarily through Masters Home Improvement stores since April 2012, was found to have faulty insulation properties. While there is no immediate risk, it’s important that homeowners who have undergone any rewiring of their home, or built a new home, understand if this product has been used. The protective insulation surrounding the wires was found by the NSW Government to degrade over time – especially in warmer environments such as roofing.


The exposed live wires mean of risk of electrocution for anyone coming in contact with them, but also an increased likelihood of starting a fire. There has been an extremely large amount of these cables sold, and the cable is not expected to last seven years in hot Queensland roofs.


While there is no immediate risk, if you have had electrical wiring installed in your new home, or a renovation project in the last 18 months and are not sure whether you have Infinity cabling installed, you need to have it checked by a qualified electrician, and if it’s been installed it will need to be removed sooner rather than later. If you have the cable and have purchased it from Masters you can return it for all full refund.

HERE AT NORTH GOLD COAST ELECTRICAL, we have do not use the Infinity cable, and our electricians use brands that we know we can rely on – cheaper imported products are often not up to scratch and this is a case in point. Call our licensed electricians now if you believe you may have this cable in your home for a comprehensive inspection and advice on what your options are.

You can reach us by phoning  North Gold Coast Electrical on (07) 5500 0222.