What are the most efficient air conditioning systems?

How to beat the heat and avoid a power bill shock

The right sized system

The most efficient air conditioning systems are the ones that are the right size for area that needs to be cooled. Too often people buy an air conditioning unit with the wrong output in kW (capacity) which places extra stress on the unit to maintain a steady temperature. Before buying a system it’s important to measure the space that you need cooled and ensure that you have the right system for the area.

Inverter Air Conditioning Systems

Inverter systems are recommended in particular for their efficient operation. Inverter AC systems operate a variable motor speed which only operate at half capacity when needed when compared to fixed speed systems, this means the compressor is only operating at full capacity when needed, helping to save significantly on running costs.

Note: Inverter systems often have a lower star rating than other models, but this is based when they operate at full load. Most systems operate effectively on half load.

Peak Smart Air Conditioners

Our electricians also recommend investing in an air conditioning models with PeakSmart capabilities. This means your system caps usage at peak usage times, helping to ease demand on energy networks, without compromising comfort. Energex also offer generous financial incentives to connect to this system.

Connect to more affordable energy efficient tariff

Did you know that most homes are not connected to the more affordable energy tariff with better rates than the standard residential tariff? Rates are based on the times that energy is used not purely on just consumption, and connecting to Tariff 12 (Time of Use) tariff is priced at considerably more affordable rates. Ask us here at North Gold Coast Electrical about your options for alternative tariff connections and a lower power bill.


The way you use your air conditioning system is arguably just as important as the type of system you run. Some usage reminders

  • Close all windows and doors in the space you want cooled
  • Set your thermostat to 24 for the most efficient running temperature
  • Leaving your system running while you go out will cost more than turning the system off and on again.
  • Use ceiling or other fans in addition to your air conditioner to circulate cooler air and reduce the length of time the AC system is running.

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