What is Thermal Imaging?

North Gold Coast Electrical is a full service Gold Coast based electrician, our team is experienced in a range of fields including electrical installations and servicing, communications cabling and servicing and the supply and installation of electronic security systems such as alarms and intercoms.

Part of our service is attending homes and businesses to thermally image their switchboards and electrical installations. Thermal imaging is an exciting advancement in our industry and North Gold Coast Electrical is proud to be part of the forefront of this technology.

If you would like to know more about thermal imaging and the ways North Gold Coast Electrical can use this technology for you then give us a call today or read on through this post.

What is Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging uses the science of thermography to identify radiating heat levels and produce an infra-red image.

Thermal Test Art

Because thermal cameras can see radiating heat they provide a safe and effective means for an electrician to look at any electrical installation and immediately see if there are unusual heat levels in cabling or electrical appliances.


There are several reasons why excessive heats should be a cause of concern  for property owners, tenants and employees. North Gold Coast Electricals team of experience Electricians early intervention can provide a range of benefits:


Excessive heats in cabling installations are caused most often by higher then expected electrical currents, an electrical current works like water pressure forcing electricity through your premises. Where loose terminals, shoddy workmanship or damaged cables cause increases in electrical current

Quality Assurance

As electricians, we are regularly called to homes and businesses that have suffered nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or associated failures in their switchboard. Often these nuisance trips are caused by loose terminals and poor connections in electrical switchgear. Taking thermal images of electrical installations can identify these concerns before they occur and save time and money by avoiding power losses.


North Gold Coast Electrical is a Gold Coast based, family owned and operated electrician whose highest priority is safety. Not just for our staff but also for our valued clients and the public. Electrical faults with high temperatures can ignite flammable materials in roof-spaces and walls. In recent years incidences of resulting fires have surged and their tragic and costly consequences are regularly noted in the media.

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