Safety Switches Save Lives

What is it?

The safety switch, as the name suggests, is a tiny switch that is installed on the power circuits of the majority of homes around the Pacific Pines, Gold Coast and Queensland areas.  It is the switch that you normally have to go and ‘flick back on’ once the power is out.

What is its job?

The safety switch actually performs a remarkable job – it monitors the flow of the electrical current coming in and out of your home.  If it detects and sudden surge in power, whether it be from a faulty outlet, an electrical device or perhaps something else, it will simply shut off the power on that particular circuit.

Do I need one?

By shutting off the power in scenarios like these, it is actually potentially saving your life!  This alone should mean that you would want one!  But actually, it has been the law since 1992 that all homes must be fitted with these safety switches, so it is not an option that you can choose to have or not have.

If you are buying, selling, renting or leasing your Pacific Pines property and would like to get your safety switches installed, replaced or maintained, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at North Gold Coast Electrical on (07) 5500 0222 today to arrange for one of our quality electricians to come out to your home.