Safety Switches Save Lives – Don’t Delay Safety

Currently all homes in Queensland built after 1992 are required to have safety switches installed to protect against people being electrocuted. The switches which can be installed for around $500 each are the most effective way to protect property and people.

The recommendations follow the death of a young electrician in the ceiling of a Queensland school in January this year, and figures released from the coroner which stated that around 15 people die from electrocution each year in Australia which could have been prevented in safety switches were installed on all circuits.

What are the responsibilities for the homeowner?

Safety switches can be easily identified on a switchboard as ones which have a T or a ‘test’ button. Homeowners who are buying a dwelling should always check if there is a safety switch installed, and if there is not one on the premises, one is legally required to be installed within three months of the settlement date. Penalties for not doing this can exceed $1500.00. Those who are building a new home must install safety switches on any new homes as standard.

Property Seller Responsibilities:

Those who are selling must declare whether or not their home has a safety switch on the sales contract or property transfer form.
All rental properties are also legally required to be fitted with safety switches. If the property you are renting does not have one fitted, contact your landlord and explain to them their legal obligation to install a safety switch.

Finally, always go with a licensed electrical contractor here on the Gold Coast to install a safety switch in your home. North Gold Coast Electrical is your team of licensed electricians here on the Gold Coast and can install these devices quickly to protect you and your family.  Are you switched onto safety? If in doubt go and check now – electricity is an extremely dangerous resource.  Don’t delay safety any longer. Protect your family today by calling (07) 5500 0222.