Safety Switch changes

Changes to RCD requirements

The wiring rules have changed in Australia and your switchboard might be due for a change with them.

Previously only circuits with socket outlets required protection from a residual current device (or ‘safety switches’) but now all final sub-circuits need to be protected.

That means not only your power points but also hardwired equipment like hot water services, cooktops & AC units as well as your lighting needs to be protected.

Updating your circuit protection will not only make your home compliant though, it will also make you and your family safer.

The Electrical Safety Office recommends that each circuit receive its own safety switch, rather then safety switches sharing protection across circuits. North Gold Coast Electrical endorses that recommendation, out experience working on homes on the Gold Coast for 15 years has been that when shared safety switches trip it increases the cost and inconvenience of fault rectification.

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For more information read the brochure from the electrical safety office below: -

The Risk is Real - Safety Switch Leaflet