Power Outlet Recessing

What’s wrong with this Picture?

For me it’s the huge gap between the bed-side table and the wall, I’m not sure about you but it drives me crazy. Not only is it unsightly and inconvenient – the numbers of times i’ve dropped my phone down the back of that table – it also encroaches on the usable space in the room.Edited Background picture

The cultprit is always the same:


Lamp plugs and phone charges push furniture off walls, be it bedside tables, fridges, televisions or cabinetry. Not only is this unsightly it often results in damage to the plugs themselves and can be electrically hazardous.

North Gold Coast Electrical’s solution in this instance was to fix the problem and eliminate the hazard by recess mounting the outlet itself.


By recess mounting the power outlet and using a fitting with an integrated fast charge USB outlet I’ve both eliminate the need for a bulky phone charge block and have been able to protect the Lamp plug inside the recess.

The result:


Annoying & ugly gap almost completely eliminated.
Using these recesses is a great solution for any cabinetry or appliance whose plug base is forcing them off the wall, that might mean your fridge sits back flush with surrounding cabinetry or that you don’t have to void your TV’s warranty by replacing the plug with a side-mount plug when installing to a slimline wall bracket.

Installation of a recessed outlet involves hard-wiring of electrical installations, it should not be attempted by anyone other then a licensed electrician.

For info on this remedy or for any of your electrical needs give North Gold Coast Electrical’s team of skilled Gold Coast Electrician a call today.