How to be safe around electricity

At home

Sometimes when you are very busy getting ready for work or cooking dinner, it can be quite easy to make a simple mistake when it comes to electrical safety.  You must remember that you should NEVER touch an active electrical appliance when you have wet hands, or use the appliance near any wet areas.

At work

When you are at work, electrical dangers can still be quite present.  In an office environment, ensure that your power sockets aren’t overloaded with too many plugs.  Doing so has the potential to start an electrical fire and put you, your colleagues and your companies’ property at risk.


One of the biggest electrical risks that is outside is overhead power lines.  These power lines are extremely dangerous, especially when they come down from car crashes or wild storms.  Never attempt to move or touch them yourselves, as the results could be fatal.

In today’s blog post, our team of electricians have outlined some of the dangers that electricity can provide in the home, the office and on the street.  If you would like to find out any more about anything discussed in our article today, please do not hesitate to contact our Gold Coast team on (07) 5500 0222.