Do you know how to choose a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast?




Electrical work is really not for the home handy-man. Electricity is probably our most dangerous energy source and also the most commonly taken for granted. We use it every day, so it can feel very familiar. But this does not mean we should tamper with it. Ever. If you need electrical work done in either your home or in your business don’t DIY it. There so many risks in trying to save a few dollars.  Even the Government has recognised the dangers inherent in using a non-licensed electrician and there is actually legislation in place regulating electrical work. Electrical work must be carried out by licensed contractors.

How can you tell if your contractor is licensed?

The best way is simply to ask to see evidence of all licenses. This way you can be sure that your electrician is the real deal and has completed the rigorous training to become qualified.

What license should my contractor show me?

In Queensland it is called the CEOS – certificate of electrical safety.

How to choose a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast

Both domestic and commercial electrical work must be carried out by a licensed contractor. Installation, repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment are governed by standards. Hiring a contractor is not only a good idea for your own safety, it is also a legal requirement. So, if you need an electrician on the Gold Coast choose one who is licensed.

Electrical safety standards are in place to ensure your safety. Protect yourself, your family and your property by choosing licensed contractors.  Do it yourself electrical work is bad news, even if it seems simple, don’t be tempted.

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