Summer Electrical Storm Safety Tips

Posted on January 24, 2013 by admin

Electrical Storm

All hail the arrival of Summer, and with it the legendary electrical storm, bringing damaging winds, hail, thunder and lightning which can quickly cut the electricity to homes or entire neighbourhoods.  The annual storm season is a fact of life for those living in tropical Queensland where severe storms often wreak havoc and bring unfortunate consequences to homes and businesses. While many are familiar with storm safety measures, many others are not adequately versed in appropriate precautions and safe practices regarding electricity use during a storm.  Brought to your by the team of master electricians here at North Gold Coast Electrical, here are our top safety tips during the summer electrical storms.


Before lightning strikes, close windows and doors and stay inside unless it’s absolutely necessary to venture outdoors. Unplug all appliances including televisions, radios, and computers and keep hands away from electrical items – especially telephones. Do not take a bath or shower until after the storm has passed since water is a strong conductor of electricity.


If outside while a storm hits, get inside a vehicle if possible. Avoid contact with water and other metal objects such as umbrellas, golf clubs or steel fencing. If no cover is available, crouching low to the ground with feet close together is good practice.


: Keep windows wound up, park car and wait for storm to pass. Do not touch metal parts of the car and avoid parking under tall trees or other structures. Be wary of coming into contact with fallen power lines when exiting the car – these can be fatal.


–    Do not attempt to fix electrical systems yourself if damaged from the storm, as this can be dangerous and cause further damage. Call the help of a licensed electrician.

–    Consider hiring an electrical contractor to install surge protection in your household. A simple addition to your switchboard can save hundreds of dollars from replacing electrical items.

–    Don’t use any electrical equipment – stove included – throughout the duration of the storm.

–    If power lines are down – do not go near them. Notify Energex immediately on 13 12 53.

Severe storms, while commonplace during the summertime in Queensland can be scary and potentially dangerous. For this reason, following basic safety precautions can minimise damage to electrical goods and protect against electrical shocks during the period of the storm. If storms cause electrical damage to your Gold Coast home, put safety first and call the team you can count on at North Gold Coast Electrical – (07) 5500 0222.