Business Owner Alert: Save Money, increase safety with your electrical systems

Posted on July 26, 2013 by admin

The amount of electricity that operates a business is typically far greater than a home, and also far more complex. Whether it’s a retail store, an office space or a larger workplace, the usage of electricity in a commercial setting gives business owners an opportunity to optimise the electrical systems in their workplace to function more effectively. Not only will this help systems operate more efficiently, but we can help to enhance the safety of electrical systems to protect your staff and customers. Here’s what our team of our Gold Coast commercial electricians can do to help with effectively and affordably managing the electrical systems in your business.

 Office Networking and Data Cabling

A data cabling system can integrate all the voice, data, video, and alarm systems in your business to work in uniform which simplifies use and helps overall consistency. There are also advantages for management and administrative roles as the one system will be able to run of a central administrative panel. This gives enhanced flexibility for any business as they need to make additions or changes to their networking and communication systems.

 Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment

Every workplace should encourage routine testing and tagging of ageing electrical equipment including appliances to avoid liability costs and injury caused from faulty equipment. As well as checking electrical equipment including computers, faxes, printers and appliances, we can offer professional recommendations to improve electrical safety in your business.

 Optimise workplace lighting systems

Many businesses aren’t operating the most effective lighting systems that are available. We can upgrade your lighting systems to more energy efficient options on the market with LED lighting, as well as provide recommendations to your business on how to use lighting effectively, and minimise wastage in areas of the business where it’s not required.

As one of the Gold’s Coast premier teams of commercial electricians, our electrical contractors have worked on both big and small projects and have helped business owners enhance their existing systems to be more energy efficient and safe. To find out more about what we can offer your business don’t delay – call us on (07) 5500 0222 today.